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Boudoir Portfolios.

Boudoir private portfolio commissions, by and large make up the majority of my commissions. These portfolios are almost exclusively for the private viewing of the client(s) and not for publication. This respectable ' for his eyes only ' style of work is extremely popular with the WAGs ( wives and girlfriends ) of gentlemen who appreciate their partner both intellectually and physically and is a great way of preserving for posterity, times gone by, when both were much younger . Many female partners actually have the images taken as a surprise for their partner.

The images, are mostly captured on monochrome negative film with high quality Medium Format cameras and usually cover a wide ranging collection of tasteful poses which can include risqu�, seductive, playful, raunchy, Fine Art and erotic styles, part nude and more rarely full nude. The choice of styles, poses and levels is left inevitably to the client's own discretion but, whichever poses the client's choose, the aim is to produce images of beauty and taste to be shared and appreciated exclusively by the clients.

The monochrome prints are all hand printed by myself in my won fully and extensively equipped dark room and , print sizes range from the ever popular 10" x 8" up to 30" x 20", depending upon the client's requirements. Colour prints are handled only by high quality professional labs.

The boudoir photography sessions take place in either my own or the client's home and my studio or occasionally at suitable locations and usually last 5 to 6 hours. These may, or may not include an MUA ( make up artist ), depending upon the client's requirements. As I require a meeting with the client prior to the photo shoot to discuss the client's own requirements and, as most of my work is by word of mouth, it's rare for a client to actually require the presence of a female chaperone. However, I can and will gladly provide one if required. Many clients often come to me for updates to their portfolios annually or thereabouts. Light refreshments are always provided as part of the service throughout the sessions.

Copyright: The images associated with the private Boudoir photography sessions carry an exclusive right of full copyright for the client to assure them that their confidentiality and privacy is maintained at all times and that the images will not be displayed or published. The only exception to this is where the client would use the images for commercial or financial gain.

Fees start from only �375.00 for a basic starter portfolio and can be added to, as and when required. Full details upon request..

Glamour and Model photography.

I can produce glamour images to suit most models, depending upon their requirements and which are suitable for their portfolios. Commissions usually last from 2 to 6 hours and include most styles but, where nudity is required, I do prefer the presence of a chaperone, unless I have previously worked with the model.

The range of shots covered is very similar to those for the Boudoir section shown above, but can also vary widely. For this reason, it would be better to contact me as to the final cost of any work undertaken as, the images required by the model may be in the form of either printed or digital images which can alter the costs considerably. all images will be suitable for publication on the internet.

Portrait photography.

I cover a full range of portrait photography from classic studio shots to lifestyle and beyond. Photo sessions usually last about 1 to 2 hours, depending upon requirements and locations of the session. The shots are almost exclusively shot on medium format negative film.

Again, please contact me with your requirements and for further details and prices.

Model Portfolios.

I can help produce a wide range of shots for aspiring or experienced models in an effort to improve their working opportunities. The shots may include both fashion and what is considered glamour in their styles. The important shots for agencies etc are the straight forward head-shots and full length images are also included.

I do not normally exceed 'Page Three style' or Fine Art nude images in any of my work but, will consider adult content commissions if the content is deemed acceptable to my standards.

Owing to the wide ranging needs of individual models, it would be wiser to discuss your requirements so that I can give an accurate figure as to costs.

Images for sale.

Over the coming months I plan to offer high quality, limited edition images/prints for sale to private clients/collectors. These will include both Fine Art erotic/glamour and landscape images. Please drop by or contact me for further details.

Other Photography.

I regularly undertake commissions other than Boudoir photography. These include commercial work and weddings.

Weddings: I pricipally offer the traditional bespoke style of wedding photography but, can readily accommodate the 'reportage' style which is highly popular with many of today's wedding couples. Fees start from a very reasonable £320.00 and up to £1299.00 for a fully comprehensive coverage of the pre-wedding preparations, through the ceremony to the reception and the first dance. Further details upon request.

Commercial: I regularly shoot advertising and editorial images for publication, therefore, contact me with your requirements and my pricing.

All images and material on this web site copyright of Tony Stephenson 2009