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TFP/CD - TF* means ' Time For ' in that the model gives her time ( modelling) in exchange for images from a photographer so that both the model and photographer benefit by acquiring suitable images for their respective portfolios. TFP means that the photographer provides printed images from a shoot and is referred to as Time For Prints ( TFP). Alternatively, the photographer provides suitably edited digital image files on a CD which can either be printed or used for internet use and is termed Time For CD (TFCD). Normally, the images from such shoots are not for commercial use or gain and therefore restricted to personal promotion by both parties. However, copyright remains that of the photographer unless a suitable agreement exists between the model and photographer to the contrary.

Due to continually updating my Boudoir poses, lighting and themes, on occasions, I seek to collaborate with suitable models on a TFP/CD basis. This benefits both the model and myself in that I can test out new ideas and in return, the model receives a complete CD of all useable images from the test shoot for their own portfolio and personal use. I also endeavour to shoot any images the model requires in the the genre of their choice wherever possible. I can also offer the model the opportunity to be a featured model on this web site if they so wish, but it is not a condition. I do not normally work with MUAs ( make up artists) on TFP/CD sessions unless the shots demand it.

Fine Art TFP/CD: Preference is generally given to those models who have a particular interest in Fine Art imaging which is the style of work I normally shoot. It is only reasonable to point out that some of these images, though certainly not all, may on occasions include some form of very tasteful nudity or partial nudity as part of the overall image, therefore, only models who are very comfortable in this environment are preferred as I need to get the images right for my regular work. I am however, happy to use inexperienced models who feel they can confidently model in this way and benefit from the collaboration.

Glamour modelling/fashion TFP/CD: Once again on occasions, I need to update my own work. If you feel you can collaborate with me in the style I have displayed, then feel free to get in touch.

Please note: None of my work ever involves any explicit images and any nudity is confined to either 'Page Three' or Fine Art tasteful nudity. I personally deplore the use of gratuitous and pointless nudity and only include nudity in my images where required.

On occasions, I get models contacting me to shoot adult material on a TFP/CD basis. I have no problem with this sort of material but, it would be pointless shooting 'Adult' material on a TFP/CD basis as alongside lack of time, I have absolutely no wish or requirement to display or publish such work and any work which would exceed my normal levels would have to be on a strictly ' paid only ' and not a TFP/CD basis.


Model Advice.

Everyone has to start somewhere whatever their chosen subject, so a few helpful pointers won't go amiss. The information below is certainly not intended as a definitive guide, but will perhaps help those of you who are considering going into modelling. If I can help in any way, you are welcome to contact me.

So you want to be a model!

The first thing you have to ask yourself is which style? Modelling takes many forms - it can be from simple portraiture at the local Photographic Club to International Catwalk Fashion modelling. However, very few ever achieve success in the latter as the requirements are so stringent and because of this, the majority of semi or professional models are either employed in the Glamour Industry or Advertising.

Fashion modelling requirements.

Height is the first priority, the usual minimum is about 5' 9" and the average figure is around size 6-8 (or even less!) Weight is around 7 - 8 stone which makes the model quite distinctive in stature! Pretty looks are an asset but not nearly as essential as distinctive looks! Take a look at some of the catwalk models we see on TV fashion shows - many are not what one would describe as pretty but they have such a distinctive presence that you are attracted to them instantly! If you have these characteristics and it is your ambition to become a fashion model, then you need to approach agencies which specialise in this style of modelling! Don't expect to find much work via websites unless these specialist agencies have their own websites! For this style of modelling you will need training in that good old fashioned word - ' deportment ' etc:! Some agencies/businesses run courses for this type of modelling but beware of paying high fees with little or no return work! They are running it as a business and some of the less scrupulous ones are only after money! A good agency will determine whether you are suitable material and, if not, they will advise which style you could do! If you are what an agency is seeking, they will snap you up right away and train you into the bargain!

Glamour Modelling Styles.

Glamour modelling is by far the most popular style of modelling today! There are no height requirements ( unless specified for a shoot) and there are so many ' looks ' that there is no real average glamour model ( unlike fashion modelling ). Obviously if a model is built like a Hereford Cow then she is hardly going to get much work - though even those of a larger proportion can often find work!

Glamour modelling can cover anything from facial portraiture to full nude! There are styles of glamour modelling which are referred to as English Magazine, Continental, American magazine etc! Fundamentally they are soft PORN! There is no getting away from it! They involve anything from displaying the genitalia to the use of sex toys etc! I personally find this type of photography and modelling extremely distasteful but as long as there are models who will do this sort of thing, then there will be customers for it and I still respect them for it as I have no right to judge!

Glamour Modelling.

Every day I receive emails and photographs from aspiring or completely novice girls wanting to become a glamour model! Most understand what it entails but others naively think they are going to make a fortune from merely facial modelling! Sadly this is most unlikely to happen!

Most glamour modelling involves some form of nudity at some point! It is a sad fact that if a model will not entertain at least topless modelling, then she will get very little work compared to a model who will! There are exceptions of course, but usually the model is exceptional too! Even many famous models have modelled nude and there is no shame in that providing it was tasteful! I personally never exceed what one would class as a ' Page Three ' ( topless) style of photography! Occasionally I shoot the odd nude photographs but only when commissioned or for Fine Art work and only if I consider that the poses meet my own personal level of respectability!

Fine Art is usually shot in black and white ( monochrome ) and nudity in such photographs is not usually perceived as sexual - it's either purely artistic stylised work, sometimes bordering on the erotic erotic but can be very fine work indeed! There are some excellent photographers who are superb exponents of such work and I would advise any model offered such work to accept it if the photographer is respected as they will have something artistic to display for years to come!

As stated earlier, there is no perfect glamour model - it is the eye of the beholder! Ideally, the model should have a good, well proportioned figure from size 6 to 12 ( other sizes are certainly not excluded ). Height is not too important unless specified and as long as the models' figure is in proportion! Bust sizes can vary from say 32A up to DD, E, F etc! In other words, there is work for most models! Breast enhancements can put the model at a disadvantage as some photographers/clients/magazines don't employ models with this type of figure alteration! The same goes for tatoos and piercings. However, some clients are looking for this so it shouldn't prevent a model from getting work!

If you are booked for a Fine Art or Nude shoot - remember to remove any tight-fitting underwear, long before you take part in the particular shots! Failing to do this will result in indentations in the skin of the model showing up on the finished photographs! Always take along a warm dressing gown to a glamour or fine art shoot.

How do I start?

Before doing anything about it, first find out what glamour modelling entails! Only when you have done this should you start to think about making approaches to photographers and agencies!

Once you have learned what is required get yourself photographed by a friend etc. The photographs don't need to be professional but they need to be reasonable! You should have a close-up of your face, a full length frontal pose ( bikini is ideal ) and similar shots from side and rear! That's all you need - the agency and/or photographer will know from those what you look like and whether they want to take it further!

Avoid any agency or photographer who requires you to send nude images before meeting them personally!

Once you have armed yourself with the images, get in touch with good agencies or photographers who appear respectable and explain what kind of work you'd like to do! If they are interested in the copies of the photographs you send them, they will respond usually favourably!

You can advertise on the numerous photographic and modelling message boards on the internet, but beware as there are lots of unsavoury characters out there with let's just say, not nice agendas!


Avoid contact via the internet with any supposed photographer who doesn't have a website who advertises on the internet message boards, particularly if they only have a Hotmail, AOl or Yahoo email address! Also avoid anyone who doesn't have a landline or give a contact address! The internet is wonderful when it comes to anonymity - make sure you know who you are dealing with! Before you go to a shoot, find out all about the photographer etc, including all contact details references and if you are still not happy - skip it! It isn't worth the risk!

If you look at this website, you will find all my contact details and telephone number(s). You may even have a reference from models if you wish! That is the minimum level you need to be safe!



Chaperones are a great way for the female model to be safe when working with unfamiliar photographers but, can create problems in their own right. It is normally advisable to take someone along with you to shoots with photographers you don't know, especially through internet contacts! However, I don't recommend that you do this every time, especially with good and respected photographers as you need to become independent and professional and some respected photographers can take exception to others being there! The biggest drawback with chaperones is that they can on occasions, get bored on shoots which may take several hours to complete. Please ensure that the chaperone you take along is willing to be patient and not distracting as, they can often ruin a shoot due to their interference and it's quite understandable why some photographers take exception to chaperones being present. You have to learn from experiences, just don't let them be bad ones!


Modelling and fees - start slowly

Many new models with perhaps three or four amateur shoots under their belt think that they are experienced and can charge whatever they like! Far from it! If you wish to be successful, then creep before you walk. Start by doing perhaps quite a few unpaid TFP shoots ( your time modelling for their time in photographs ) with good photographers. Gradually you will learn how to pose etc from the photographer, then you can think of charging for your services. You could of course reasonably expect some travel expenses from photographers who advertise for models for TFP/CD.

Fees on the internet vary from as little as 15.00 per hour to anything around 50.00 per hour or much more, but the latter usually involves some nudity, often quite explicit! Shoots are usually around two hours or longer and often the client will also pay reasonable travel expenses.

Reliability: Many clients are often amateur photographers who have to hire studios etc, so keep your fees reasonable and be reliable! Never, ever let a photographer down who has gone to all the expense of booking studios, make-up artistes etc! They will justifiably give you a bad name and you could lose valuable work if word gets around that you are unreliable! You will get a reputation for 'No Shows'!

Make sure you make it clear to the client, the level to which you will model and the fees you charge before commencing with any shoot! Some photographers often try to coerce the model while at the shoot, into poses etc that she made clear she doesn't perform! Do not give in - simply refuse and if being harassed - leave the shoot! Obviously, there will be quite a number of amateur photographers which hire you who quite simply get their kicks from photographing near naked pretty girls, but even these need not necessarily present any danger as they are mostly harmless voyeurs but, take great care and always make it clear that you are there for photographs only! For these reasons, I always suggest the accompaniment of a chaperone.

Photographs - Portfolios

Many models use TFP shoots as a way of building up a portfolio which is fine. The problem with this however, is that the photographs are usually those of which the photographer has decided and may not be what you want. It could take two years to get a decent portfolio built up. There are a number of photographers like myself who offer starter portfolios at very reasonable prices! The benefit of paying for a starter portfolio is that you get all the basic shots that you need right away, which saves a great deal of time and effort and disappointment! This will get you noticed right away as it will show you in various poses with differing looks!

Gradually, as you get more work, you will build up your portfolio ever further, particularly if you pose for photographers who specialise in distinctive styles!

Starter portfolio service.

Many girls who are aspiring glamour models, come to me with absolutely no experience whatsoever in front of a camera for their very first portfolio shoot. Even under those conditions I can achieve excellent results which you can see from the first test shot of Tracy-Leigh and the finished product below. I think you will agree this is an excellent transformation which we both achieved within a couple hours of the first click of the shutter. Enthusiasm and of course modelling potential, such as in Tracy-Leigh's case, are far more important than experience. I do not normally use stylists or make-up artists for basic starters, but obviously can do so if required. Instead I simply help you discover your own potential though a little creative photography and direction with lots of encouragement. I work in a relaxed atmosphere at your own pace and help you overcome any initial nerves or shyness, which also prepares you for future work and photo shoots. Make up artists are a valuable asset to any shoot and for special shoots they are very much essential. However, it would be very wise to learn the skills of how to use and apply makeup correctly as it's an essential skill you must have for many shoots with amateur photographers.



Tracy-Leigh (above)

Below is another example of a before and after shot of a new model.


Finally, websites are not essential for models but they can be very helpful to photographers who contact you to see how you look, styles of work and your fees etc! They make the model look more professional and are a good shop window of your talent! Websites don't need to be flashy or expensive! They just need to display your pics and details in a tasteful and professional manner. Again, many like myself, provide reasonably priced websites for such purposes!


Featured Models.

As this is a new web site, I am looking to feature a small number of suitable models to give the site more interest. If you'd like to be a featured model, then simply contact me to arrange a shoot. Owing to the style of work I shoot, I would prefer those models who are particularly interested in the Fine Art style of photography, but glamour modelling is also fully acceptable. Preference would also be given to those who are able to model up to tasteful 'Page Three' or Fine Art nude as well as fashion and glamour. There is no question that you will be asked to pose for any explicit images and you are very welcome to bring along a chaperone, should you so wish.

After completing the shoot, I will give the model a CD copy of all the images, suitably edited after selection. I will then give the model a full page of advertising on the web site under the featured model section, together with the images we produced and the model's details. This is a completely free service and the model is free to place her contact details on the web page if she wishes.

To take advantage of this offer please feel free to contact me.


Add your profile to this web site

Where time permits, I aim to produce a small register of models that are available for Fine Art style imaging to let other photographers who specialise in this style of work, know of the models available in each area. All you need do is email me a single image ( not greater than 200KB ) plus your stats, including contact details and I'll post these on a special web page over the coming weeks. I cannot however, guarantee immediate inclusion as it will depend upon time permitting but I will eventually get around to it!

Please mark your email with 'PROFILE' as the subject line to avoid my spam filters. The email address is shown on the contact page.


Age Restrictions - and the law.

I will always need to have sight of proof of age where the model wishes to have glamour images taken. Glamour models must be 18 years old or above in order to model for most styles of glamour. Above 16's but under 18's are still subject to current 'Child Protection Laws' in the UK as they are classed as minors. Where the model is under 18, she must not pose for photographs which could be implied or perceived as sexual in content, even if she is totally willing! I never shoot any images of an under 18 without a suitable chaperone present.

Any photographer suggesting to an under-age model that she should pose in such ways or takes such photographs is liable to prosecution and may be put on the sex offenders list! The only person who can take images of a sexual nature of an under 18 are those who are either married to or living with the model in a family relationship! However, the partner must not show the images to anyone else or this relaxation does not apply! Many photographers are just too scared to photograph under 18's but I think by and large, they are over-reacting! Providing the images are sensible and non-sexual in content, what have they to fear?


Unless expressly arranged, all images remain the copyright of myself unless the images are part of a Private Boudoir portfolio, in which case all copyrights are transferred to the client with the exception where the client uses the images for financial gain.

All images shot on a TFP/CD remain copyright of myself, but the model is free to use these for self promotion providing she acknowledges photographer copyright.


All images and material on this web site copyright of Tony Stephenson 2009